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Skegness United FC Club History

Skegness United had a long and rich history which we are fortunate to have some photgraphic record of. Reproduced below are the pictures, articles and information pieces we have been been kindly loaned and they will hopefully show you a little more of who we were and who we will become.

When Skegness Was United!


The Lilywhites got their name from the fact that, with the exception of the claret rim around the cuff of their sleeves and claret stockings, they were dressed in all white. The ground was then near St Clement’s Church on Grosvenor Road.

Skegness United – 1922/23 Season

Back Row: Mr Dennis Lilley (secretary), Rev. Street, Cliff Barney, Ted Pickering, Harry Bamber (school master).

Middle Row: Bob Webb, Reg Pitt, Mr Clifford, Herbert Berry, Capt. Dickens, Billy “Ticker” Harland, Billy Grunnill, Geaorge Parry, George Wells.

Front Row: Mr Frank Kay, Billy White, Bart Derbyshire, Jock Mckie, Albert Mather, Ernie Fowler (Capt.), Tom Grunnill.

Champions of the Boston League, winners of the Isthmian Cup and the Willoughby Cup. A crowd of over 2000 witnessed the final of the Willoughby Cup played at the small ground in Willoughby. Skegness beat rivals Spilsby Town 2-0. Records show Skegness United won the Willoughby Cup in the following seasons:

1912/13, 1913/14, 1920/21, 1921/22, 1923/24, 1924/25, 1926/27, 1927/28, 1928/29, 1929/30 and 1931/32

Skegness United - 1924/25 Season

Top Row: (left to right) Harry Bamber, Tom Grunnill, A.E. Fletcher, George Chester.
Third Row: (left to right) Dennis Lilley, Mr West, Mr Gray, Harry Shaw, Herbert Berry, George Wells, Capt. Dickens, Alvert Newbitt, John Farrar.
Second Row: (left to right) Mr Grunnill, Rev. Street, Cliff Barney, Mr Parry (trainer) Bert Parrott.
Front Row: (left to right) Knocker Hancock, Bertie Derbyshire, Dad West, Billie Brunnill, Ernie Fowler.

This photo of Skegness United in 1924 in front of the Skegness Cricket Ground Clubhouse was donated to Skegness Town by Mr Baxendale of Skegness and was to be hung in their boardroom.

Skegness United’s own ground was located on land that is now home to Richmond Primary School

Player Profile Pictures from the 1920’s. Further information about Walter Bray was that he was 21 years old, 5ft 11 and 12 stone, 7 pounds. He also signed his photo as though it was regarded as a collector’s item. Ezra Keyworth was a painter and decorator.

Skegness United – 1926/27 Season

Back Row: (left to right) Coun. D Lilley, Tom Coverley, Dr. F Menzies, W Randall, Ezra Keyworth, Jack Randall, Walter Bray, Les Parry (trainer).

Front Row: (left to right) Edgar Lilley, Les Nicholls, “Twister” Rowe, “Ticker” Harland, Billy White, G Russell


"Stamus in Victoria Unita"