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What a finish to the season!  Our game had absolutely everything, including goals, medical drama, late comebacks and the the final wait to know if we had secured promotion.

The final game day saw four sides - ourselves, Kirton Town, Boston College and Horncastle Res all with a chance of finishing anywhere from 1st to 4th.  Our only target was to secure a win, that would ensure we were definitely in with the best chance.  Our 10 goal advantage from last week certainly put us in a great position, and we knew that a win would boost that goal difference overall.

We went into half time with a 3 goal advantage, courtesy of Keiran Rayner, Dan Wager and Keaton Grainger playing perhaps our best football of the season so far.  On 55 minutes everything changed when Jack Minor in goal collapsed. The referee was quick to stop the game and, thanks to both our own Arun Gray and Friskney's Harry Ralph, Jack was attended to immmediately.  It was established an ambulance was required such was the severity of jack's condition.  Friskney as a club rallied and brought tarpauline sheets to cover Jack, Arun and Harry to shield them from the rain.  A great gesture. An ambulance arrived and Jack was taken into the back for assessment where he stayed for the next 2 hours!  Fortunately he was discharged just before 6 o clock and is awaiting further medical assessment.

Following the restart, Friskney came out of the blocks and hit us quickly and relentlessly.  The waves of attack continued but thank to the efforts of the defence, they came to nought.  When they did finally breach the United goal, it seemed to bring us back to life.  We fought back and, thanks to a post and line clearance the Friskney goal remained intact.  It was end to end stuff from that point on with both sides having chances.  A last-gasp Jamie Lyall challenge denied a clear shot on goal to keep the scores as they were.  The final whistle brought little in the way of celebration from United as our thoughts were with Jack and also, we didn't know the scores from the other games.

After what seemed like an eternity, the scores trickled in and it showed we had done what we needed to gain promotion.  It was a hard fought campaign and one which saw a fantastic end to the season.

Congratulations to Kirton Town for winning the league and commiserations to both Horncastle Res and Boston College for being so close.

"Stamus in Victoria Unita"