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The League As It Stands

The League As It Stands

This is how the league looks today.  We currently sit second, but have 2 games in hand. One point behind us is Kirton who have played the same amount of games. 5 points behind Kirton are Boston College but they too have a game in hand which, if they won would take them to 2 points behind Kirton.  One point behind them are Friskney. As you can see, the table is very tight.

Two teams are promoted from this league into the Premier league.  It is likely to be between 4 or 5 teams - everything depends on these last few games.  For us, it is simple to understand, win the three remaining games we have and the title is ours.  The reality is that one of those games is against Kirton Town - fellow title-chasers and, as we have seen a strong side who will be as determined as we are to take the three points.

We are without a game this Saturday but others are in action:

Boston College welcome Old Doningtonians, Kirton Town play Skegness Town Res in the cup but are in league action three days later as they too welcome Old Doningtonians.  It's tight, very tight. 

"Stamus in Victoria Unita"