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Watson Co Chartered Accountants

WatsonCo is a Chartered Accountancy firm practicing in East Lincolnshire. Our aim is to help our clients to meet their statutory accounts and tax requirements as well as assisting them to meet their business objectives.

At WatsonCo, you will receive many of the skills synonymous with a top Accountancy firm but at a fraction of the price. Our philosophy is to deliver the best possible service on a consistent basis at a low cost.

Our clients operate in a multitude of industries and include sole traders, partnerships, companies and not-for-profit organisations. The services we offer include everything from simple bookkeeping through to complex tax returns and year end company accounts.

We think a single point of contact, who is friendly and accessible, is more important than teams of bookkeepers, payroll processors and tax advisors. This ensures all aspects of your business are considered in totality so that key decisions can be made reliably.

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